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Experience Knokke and the surroundings

A location where there’s always something to be experienced. Age doesn’t matter. There’s something for everyone.

Tasty Knokke

Enjoy local produce in one of no fewer than 190 restaurants in Knokke.

This seaside gastropolis has as much to offer the connoisseur as the bon vivant. Settle down on a sunny terrace or in a bar in the town center.

Ontbijt en lunch

Comodo heist

Accessible by foot 1 km

Pain Quotidien

Accessible by 3,5 km away


Accessible by foot 300 m away
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‘t Boerenhof

Accessible 1km away


Brasserie Bristol

Accessible by foot 300 m away


Accessible 1km away

Old fisher

Accessible by foot 160 m away


Accessible by foot 120 m away

’t Fonduehuisje

Accessible by foot 350 m away


Accessible by foot 240 m away
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Boulevard (restaurant-tearoom)

Accessible by foot 90 m away

Sel gris

Accessible 1 km away


Coconut beach

Accessible by foot 300 m away

La plage

Accessible by foot 280 m away

Duin 45

Accessible by foot 350 m away


Explore the beautiful area in and around Knokke. The many cycling and walking routes, the 12 km long promenade and the nature reserve “Het Zwin” make for stunning and varied views.

North Sea

Accessible by foot 50 m away
Several beach bars during high season


Accessible by foot 850 m away


Succumb to the charm of Knokke and the region. There are plenty of attractions and activities. And a stone’s throw away you will find the picturesque Damme and Bruges.

More of a sports enthusiast? Plan an active day and choose between tennis, horseriding, golf, various water sports and many more.


Swimming pool Sportoase Duinenwater

Accessible 2,5 km away


Surfclub Anemos

Accessible 1 km away


Minigolf Duinbergen

Accessible 1,5 km away



Pop & rockfestival from 16 july to 21 july

Shopping paradise

Shopping in Knokke is a must. The shops range from refreshingly simple to remarkably exclusive with renowned brands.

Bakkerij Lefevere

Accessible by foot 400 m away

Bakkerij Michel

Accessible by foot 400 m away
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Slagerij Artemis

Accessible by foot 600 m away

Vishandel Depaepe

Accessible by foot 250 m away

Carrefour express

Accessible by foot 300 m away
Carrefour Heist op


AD Delhaize Heist

Accessible by foot 800 m away
AD Heist op

Public transport


Coast tram – Heldenplein

Accessible by foot 50 m away

Treinstation – Heist

Accessible 5 km away

Treinstation – Duinbergen

Accessible 10 km away


  • The sea, 50m away
  • Park, 250m away
  • Pool, 1km away
  • Tram, 1km away
  • Numerous restaurants
  • Shops

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